BMET II in Noblesville, IN at Riverview Health

Date Posted: 3/10/2023

Job Snapshot

Job Description

  • Under supervision of the Director of Clinical Engineering, inspect, repair, maintain, and calibrate all types of basic clinical equipment, devices, system, and instruments. Interact on a routine basis with other clinical health providers in the identification of technology-based problems and solution development. A BMET II possesses the ability to troubleshoot, repair, and maintain a broad range of clinical inventory devices. Participates in and conducts on-the-job training programs regarding technical, administrative, and customer service requirements. The BMET II will work toward status of a BMET III by attaining significant proficiency on sophisticated clinical devices and systems, ability to train and mentor junior technicians, and develop supervisory and administrative skills leading toward leadership positions.
  • Troubleshoots and repairs a broad range of clinical equipment and system malfunctions.
  • Performs planned maintenance, safety tests, and calibrate medical equipment as directed utilizing specialized equipment.
  • Participates in equipment evaluations, installations, and upgrades as assigned.
  • Performs incoming inspections, attaches and assigns control numbers and labels, and acquires the necessary information for accurate database inventory entries.
  • Possesses proficiency in the proper operation and testing of clinical equipment.
  • Conducts safety practices and universal precautions in all work and assigned tasks.
  • Proficiently maintains service records through data management systems.
  • Maintains professional appearance and demeanor commensurate with hospital standards, policies, and procedures.
  • Consistently meets all departmental and organizational performance indicator standards.
  • Performs all tasks in strict adherence to the departmental Medical Equipment Management Plan (MEMP).
  • Maintains accurate and thorough documentation and record keeping in a timely manner.
  • Opens and closes work orders accurately and within required time.
  • Consistently reports to work and all scheduled appointments on time.
  • Maintains good personal relationships with fellow workers, nursing, professional, clinical, and medical staff, and general public.
  • Conducts periodic service rounds of assigned clinical areas.
  • Routinely provides after-hours on-call duty.
  • Provides technical assistance and instruction to hospital staff on equipment operations and maintenance.
  • Works in a manner to continuously meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Maintains a clean and safe work place.
  • Demonstrates initiative and concern for planning, time utilization, and cost containment.
  • Assists in researching resources for parts and services and initiate ordering parts and supplies
  • Schedules and oversees third party activities as necessary.
  • Works in a manner to achieve all budgetary objectives.
  • Develops and maintains a plan for professional growth.
  • Attends and participates in OJT, shop meetings, and corporate and facility functions.
  • Identifies cost saving opportunities.
  • As assigned, provides front-line supervision, mentoring and training to junior technicians.
  • Participates in development of and conducts OJT sessions as assigned.
  • In response to service requests, isolates nature of request and conveys planned course of action requesting party.
  • Provides timely and accurate status reports to customers on a routine basis.
  • Practices courtesy and professionalism in all phone and interpersonal conversations.
  • Immediately conveys safety concerns to supervisor.
  • Other tasks as assigned by supervisory and management staff.

Job Requirements

  • Level of Education
    • Minimum: High School diploma, Associates Degree in electronics, biomedical engineering, or other technical discipline contributing to proficiency of maintenance and repair of clinical equipment within a healthcare environment. Supervised internship or creditable experience in the maintenance and repair of clinical equipment.
    • Preferred: Associates degree in Biomedical Equipment Maintenance with supervised internship or military experience within specialty associated with biomedical equipment repair. CBET Certification. Completion of OEM, trade, or other formal training on the maintenance and repair of clinical modalities related to the clinical inventory of Riverview Hospital.
    • Other: First hand familiarity with regulatory and compliance requirements and processes of the Joint Commission, OSHA, NFPA, and other relevant agencies
  • Level of Experience
    • Minimum: 3 years of experience in electronic, mechanical, or electro-mechanical repair. Minimum of 2 years of experience within a healthcare setting with direct responsibility for the maintenance and repair of clinical devices.
    • Preferred: 5 years of experience within a healthcare setting with direct responsibility for the maintenance and repair of clinical devices.
  • State Issued License - No
  • CPR - N/A
  • ACLS - N/A
  • PALS - N/A
  • Type of Specialty Certification or other Licensure, if required: - N/A